Virtru 101 Webinar Series

Securing Google Cloud

How to Achieve Complete Data Protection for Workspace, GCP, and Beyond

The Google ecosystem is expansive, making the task of securing it a challenging one. Organizations need to consider an encryption partner whose capabilities span across Google Workspace and the Google Cloud Platform—giving them a single, holistic framework for protecting their data, as well as helping to save money, reduce complexity, and gain speed. 

Join us on Tuesday, December 14 at 11am EST | 4pm GMT to learn how Virtru’s world-class encryption solutions make it possible to protect data that’s created, stored, and shared across the Google ecosystem—from Gmail inboxes to Google Drive files, as well as data that flows through Google’s cloud computing and AI capabilities.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Key considerations when choosing an encryption partner for Google Cloud.
  • How to add a layer of security to protect data across emails, files and GCP.
  • Best practices for complete data privacy, while leveraging the benefits of the cloud.
  • How to empower employees to use their preferred collaboration tools securely.
  • Insights on how expanded encryption capabilities across the Google ecosystem can impact your tech stack.