Virtru 101 Webinar Series

How to Protect Your Rapid Growth with Stronger Data Security

Growth is often not without risk. As an organization hires more people, installs new apps across the business, updates network architecture, and uses more devices, there is the potential of introducing new data security risks. But this organizational growth can also be the opportunity to fortify the security of data with a solution that protects data at all times, no matter where it lives, and everywhere it travels. Join our webinar on Tuesday, March 8 at 11am ET to learn how you can support your organization’s growth with enhanced security that doesn’t slow teams down.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to drive positive outcomes for data security as your organization grows and how that path forward can be easy for everyone to use.
  • Options for different configuration options, such as default encryption states and ability to set rules by group.
  • Best practices to enforce stricter policies when and where they’re needed, while letting users with less severe data protection requirements use encryption as needed.
  • Tips on how to further insert data protection into your growth strategy.