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4 Unexpected Professions That Need Email Encryption

At this point, even though it is well known that doctors, lawyers, and educators all need email encryption, secure email is something that workers in every field can benefit from. While not every business deals in information that is protected by the law, stolen data can be crippling for anyone working in almost every industry. After all, what kind of information could be pulled from your inbox, or the inbox of your colleagues?

At Virtru we feel that every business can benefit from email encryption, but there are four specific professions that you likely haven’t thought about that need to adopt email encryption sooner rather than later.

Massage Therapists

Let’s face it, when you’re getting a massage, you probably aren’t thinking about encryption. Yet massage therapists often record just as much information on their patients as doctors. Even patients who only see a massage therapist for stress will likely share an extensive amount of personal information with them, and it’s ultimately up to the massage therapist to protect that information.

As massage therapists often run their own practices, they also have to deal with an enormous volume of email. Therapists have to take care of their own finances in addition to their other responsibilities, meaning that sensitive financial data might potentially be sitting in their inbox. Likewise, many therapists accept health insurance, adding yet another potential risk to their inbox. Encrypted email can serve as an easy solution for massage therapists, giving them more time to focus on their patients.

Game Developers

Game development is a huge industry, with a total worth that’s expected to exceed $102 billion by the end of 2017. Perhaps it isn’t surprising, then, that hackers frequently try to break in to steal ideas, source codes and other juicy information. This was best exemplified by the hackers that stole the source code of the popular video game Half Life 2 before it was released. The theft pushed back development considerably, costing Half Life 2’s developer Valve over $250 million in damages.

It isn’t just the big developers that have something to worry about, either. Phil Fish, developer of the indie game Fez, suffered a series of crushing hacks, leading to the leak of 1.5 gigabytes of personal information. After the stress of the attacks, Fish attempted to sell his company and IP.

In both cases, encryption would have likely saved a ton of money, not to mention a lot of frustration.


For journalists, their reputation often depends upon their ability to keep their sources safe. That doesn’t just mean refusing to share names, either. Reporters, from your local paper, to the New York Times, live by their reputation. That means that a single data breach could potentially cost them their careers — even if it was completely out of their hands. That’s to say nothing of government surveillance, which is always something on the mind of journalists — just ask the reporters at the New York Times or the Washington Post who were monitored by the British government.

In such a career, email encryption is absolutely vital. A journalist with an unsecure email is just tempting fate, essentially putting their own career, not to mention the careers of all of their sources, at risk.

Therapists/Social Workers

While therapists and social workers aren’t technically doctors, they do deal in confidential patient information, and they are obligated to protect it just as much as any other healthcare professional. Dealing with HITECH and HIPAA compliant email can become complicated for social workers, however, as often they are part of a treatment team involving various other doctors and therapists. Frequently, email becomes something of a lifeline for these teams, who must constantly share information on their patients with each other.

This high level of information sharing means that email encryption is something that every social worker or therapist must use.

How Virtru Can Help

Want to adopt email encryption for your business? With Virtru, you can enable client-side email encryption for virtually any email account – today. That means you don’t have to ditch your current email address, and you don’t have to convince your employees to do the same. Afraid of a complicated setup procedure that will soak up all your time? There’s no need for a key exchange or the juggling of digital certificates, like with PGP and S/MIME. Virtru is easy to use – it’s as easy as just downloading a plugin.

Email encryption is something that can benefit everyone, protecting your email against intruders, and preventing unwanted eyes from spying on your messages. Try Virtru for yourself and see how easy it is to enable encryption for your inbox.