5 Tips for Your Privacy Day Party!

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January 28th is Privacy Day. Happy Privacy Day!

Privacy Day is a big deal in this country, and we understand that you are busy with baking, cleaning, and preparing for the huge parties we all have planned to celebrate this most fundamental of freedoms. What? You haven’t prepared for this international holiday? That’s OK, because Virtru has assembled a list of things you can do to celebrate Privacy Day:

1. Change your email password. Our email accounts hold our most valuable secrets – everything from our tax returns to our love letters. Despite this, we’re very bad at choosing passwords. In fact, the most popular password is “123456,” followed by the ever popular password “password.” If you want to celebrate Privacy Day, reclaim your privacy with more security. Get the family together and change your passwords. Then sing some Privacy Day carols.

2. Sign up for Virtru to keep your information from advertisers. Every time you send an email your information is being sent to marketers who are trying to sell you services. Feeling sick? Well, that email about your flu is sent directly to advertisers who are happy to sell you more medicine. Maybe you don’t notice these emails, or maybe they don’t bother you. Even if you these ads don’t bug you, you need to know that your emails, your most private thoughts and feelings, are being indexed and profiled. Go knock on your neighbour’s door, wish them happy Privacy Day, and then help them sign up for Virtru.

3. Sign up for Virtru to keep your communications secure. Every time you press that send button for the email you write, you lose control over your message. Sending an email about your kid’s schedule to a babysitter, sending your tax returns to your accountant, or sending a message to your significant other? Well, those emails can be forwarded. They can be shared with others. If someone breaks into an email account, guess what? Your email is sitting there unprotected. If you send sensitive emails you should celebrate Privacy Day by signing-up for Virtru and disabling the ability to forward emails that are not meant for wide distribution. Talk to a family member who has suffered an email catastrophe. Wish them a happy Privacy Day, and tell them that they should be using Virtru.

4. Put a passcode on your phone. 56% of all mobile phone users don’t have a password on their phone. When you send one of these people a sensitive email, you’d better hope they don’t forget their phone on a bus or a plane. If they do, your email is a sitting duck for anyone with access to that phone. To celebrate Privacy Day, walk up to random strangers and ask them if they have set a passcode on their phone. If they have, give ’em a high five for being secure in their privacy.

5. Turn on two-factor authentication. What is two-factor authentication, you ask? It’s essential if you value your privacy and security. With two-factor security, every time you log into Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and a host of other services you will be asked to verify your identity via a cell phone or other mobile device. If you value your privacy and enjoy not being hacked, two-factor authentication will help you reclaim your privacy. Sit by the fire, tell stories about your privacy and lead the pack by turning on two-factor authentication first.


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