Webinar: Breaking Down Business Privacy with Forrester, Google, and Virtru

business privacy webinar

Featuring Heidi Shey, Senior Security and Risk Analyst for Forrester Research; James Snow, Cloud Security and Compliance Specialist for Google; and Will Ackerly, Founder & CTO at Virtru.

On Thursday, June 15 at 1:00PM EDT, Forrester, Google, and Virtru had an interactive discussion about the latest cloud trends in data protection, trust, and regulatory requirements.

They discussed:

  • Key cloud security findings and trends for every IT leader.
  • How business privacy is rapidly becoming a competitive advantage.
  • New ways to ensure data security, insight, and control in the cloud.

Couldn’t make it? No worries. The replay is available. You can watch the full webinar presentation.

Also leading up to our webinar with guest speaker Forrester Research Senior Analyst Security and Risk, Heidi Shey, we had a chance to ask her to address some of the questions around the challenges organizations face today in terms of ensuring business privacy and data security. We’ve shared Heidi’s key insights (and some of our own) in a five part series:

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