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October 19, 2015 | CJIS

CJIS Compliance with Google and Virtru – Webinar Replay Now Available

Google Drive Encryption for CJIS Data

FBI-mandated CJIS compliance has always made cloud migrations difficult for government organizations, often preventing them from moving from legacy on-premise solutions altogether.

By combining Google Apps for Work’s (now known as G Suite) low-cost cloud capabilities with Virtru’s client-side email and file encryption, affordable CJIS compliance is now a reality for organizations of all sizes.

Last month, experts from Google and Virtru revealed more details around this easy-to-use CJIS solution on a detailed webinar. Even if you couldn’t attend, you can view the live recording below to learn:

      • What you need to know about the CJIS compliance for email and file sharing
      • How encryption works and who can access your data
      • How Google and Virtru can help you meet CJIS challenges quickly and cost-effectively

Still interested in hearing more about how to comply with CJIS in the cloud? Check out the 4 Biggest Challenges to Maintaining CJIS Compliant Email. And reach out to info@virtru.com to bring easy-to-use CJIS compliance to your organization today.

The Guide to CJIS Compliance for G Suite

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