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Cloud IT Live: Replay & Session Q&A Now Available

We’d like to thank all of you who were able to make it out to our Cloud IT Live session: Foolproofing Your Email Security & Compliance: Encryption, Access Control, and Data Loss Prevention.  For those of you who may have missed it — no worries. We’ve got the recording below, so you can check it out.

We had some fantastic questions from our audience. So many, in fact, that we didn’t have time to get to all of them at the end of the presentation. We’ve posted them here, along with the answers we owed you.

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Cloud IT Live: Full Session Q&A

Q:   Does Virtru work with GMail Search and Google Vault?

A:   Virtru has just launched encrypted search. Encrypted Search is currently and beta and will be generally available by the end of July 2016. You can read more about it here.

Google Vault encryption is coming as well, and will be generally available by the end of August 2016. You can read more about it here.



Q:   Do I need to buy licenses for my entire domain or can I buy for just an OU?

A:   We are very flexible. Most of our deployments are company-wide and we can work with you on that. But if you want to deploy for a small group, we do that as well.

Q:   Does Virtru work with all email clients or just Outlook and Gmail web interface?

A:   Currently, Virtru integrates with Gmail on both Chrome and Firefox browsers. Additionally, Virtru supports the Microsoft Outlook desktop app (for Windows only), as well as iOS and Android mobile apps. For a comprehensive list of supported platforms, please go here.

Q:   If my recipient doesn’t use Virtru, would that be portal based encryption scenario?

A:   No. It is a web app, we call the Secure Reader — all decryption happens in-browser of the recipient. In traditional portals, the data is sitting resident in the portal providers. In our case we’re providing a web application so the recipient can do all of that directly on their device using their existing credentials (no new logins, no new passwords or accounts). You can see the Secure Reader in action here.

Q:   Will Virtru work with Office 365 Online?

A:   Yes, coming very soon. We’re in beta right now and this will be generally available in the fourth quarter of 2016. If you are interested in getting a preview, we’d love to talk to you.

Q:   Does Virtru have the same feature of the Google Apps Admin Console? Or do I still need to login to the admin console to make changes to my OU?

A:   The features that I showed that we configure within the Virtru dashboard — you would log in just to your Virtru dashboard. But we do rely on and leverage the groups and OUs you already have in Google Apps, to avoid duplication. Any changes you make within Google, will be automatically reflected in the Virtru system. For example, if you sent a secure email or shared a secure file with 20 people within a group, and you remove one of those people from the group — that person will no longer have access to that content.

Q:   Do the emails go through a Virtru mail server? If so what are the SLAs and how is security done?

A:   No. Virtru never has access to your email. Our specialty is key-management. The emails that are encrypted do get stored on Gmail or Microsoft. But obviously, if you are going to be encrypting your data, you must have key access. So we have strong SLAs. We’re happy to walk you through the architecture to make sure that we have very high availability.

Q:   If my recipient doesn’t have Virtru and receives a secure message from me, are there any possibilities that my email would be marked as SPAM because of the hyperlinked blue button?

A:   As with any email that contains links or large blocks of text, there is a possibility of Virtru emails being marked as spam – though this depends entirely on the sensitivity of your recipient’s filter and server settings. If it’s an organization you regularly do business with, having them adjust their setting or whitelist emails from you will ensure that messages always get through.

Q:   If Virtru is being used to protect our email with encryption what protects Virtru from suffering a security breach/compromise?

A:   Unlike other “secure email” providers Virtru does not have access to your unencrypted content. Virtru is used to provide an additional layer of protection through management of encryption keys using a split-knowledge architecture. If for any reason Virtru were to suffer a security breach or compromise, an attacker will still not gain access to content.

Q:   Can Virtru tell admins if their emails are sniffed by hackers?

A:   Email messages are sent via the user’s mail servers with Virtru encrypting the emails on the sender’s device before they hit the mail server. When decrypting emails, receiver’s will request the decryption key from Virtru Servers by authenticating their account and they will receive a key if they are authorized. Each request for a key is logged by Virtru which includes the IP address of where the request came from. Since these are the same mail servers that admins have control of, they will use their current toolsets to determine if hackers are attempting to sniff their email traffic. Even if a hacker was able to sniff traffic containing the encrypted message, they would only see the encrypted message so they would need to brute force decrypt the AES 256 encrypted message.

Q:   Can the product also be used to decrypt incoming messages that were sent by other tools in PGP or SMIME?

A:   At this time, Virtru does not allow for the decryption of messages sent with PGP or S/MIME as they use asymmetric encryption. Virtru currently only support symmetric encryption of email messages. Adding support for decryption of emails sent with PGP or S/MIME is on our longer term radar, and we will post our plans when they become more firm.

Q:   Does Virtru have an API for automating the creation of rules? Eg, Company X wants to have a Google form that Legal can fill in and once submitTed encryption policies can be created and auto-enformed.

A:   Virtru does not currently have an API for automating rule creation. Adding API support for rule creation is on our longer term roadmap.

Q:   Google Apps for Work just brought Inbox under their Terms of Service and have plans on building out functionality around it. Are there plans on the Virtru side to support Google Inbox as well as Gmail?

A:   We do not have immediate plans for Inbox integration, but this is definitely on our longer term radar. We will post our plans for Inbox as they become more firm.

Q:   Can the tool scan and remove data at rest on cloud email systems such as Gmail?

A:   We have built migration tools, particularly because we are selling a lot to companies that have already created data and submitted in the cloud. We have partnered with a number of cloud migration companies to assist in doing that.

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