Data Encryption Software: All Encryption is Not Created Equal

data encryption software

Encrypting data is the foundation of a strong security policy. A seemingly endless increase in security breaches and data leaks, mixed with an evolving, regulatory landscape is contributing to a growing need to protect data – particularly sensitive information.

Adding to this urgency is the increased awareness that consumers and clients have regarding the potential value of their sensitive data, and the repercussions that organizations will face if their data is compromised. Even organizations already using data encryption software need to understand that not all data encryption is the same, has the best value, or offers the maximum protection. Some solutions may offer less security and fewer features, possibly leaving CIOs, CISOs and CEOs with a false sense of security.

The secret to finding effective data encryption software is to look for a solution that protects the privacy of sensitive data while providing features that help meet overall security and deployment requirements. Ease-of-use and seamless encryption key management are the two primary factors in evaluating solutions.

Without an easy-to-use solution, encryption becomes a hassle for users. The result can be stagnant adoption rates and greater vulnerabilities that further compromise the data your organization is trying to protect. The trick to finding an easy-to-use data encryption software is to look for a program that continues to provide access to the data that permitted users need, while blocking unauthorized persons from accessing or synthesizing data. Additionally, effective solutions provide the flexibility and control, at the user level, so that users can access and protect their own data.

Ease-of-use is only one of various challenges that must be met when searching for an effective encryption solution. The encryption key management strategy has traditionally presented a problem for encryption software, specifically since organizations started employing various platforms such as removable media, mobile devices, pure SaaS, hybrid clouds and other storage types. As a result, organizations struggle to find encryption that can handle every variation. Exacerbating this challenge is the fact that organizations often forget to build an effective management strategy before employing data encryption software.

An effective encryption tool facilitates the key management responsibilities and takes into account varying platforms. Effective key management solutions protect encryption keys from unauthorized use and users, and extends those protections to include a plan of action to help with the loss of the key, and to deal with any type of key corruption. Effective encryption also ensures that keys are secure and change regularly.

Remove Key Management and Complexity Hassles

A common issue with public key-based encryption is that it can often hurt usability. Similarly, portal-based encryption technologies lack the robust encryption that covers the full path between the content’s sender and the recipient. As a result, data could be susceptible to eavesdroppers while in transit.

Data encryption software, like Virtru, however, provides an easy-to-use, client-side email and file encryption program that allows individual customers to easily manage encryption keys. Virtru also empowers organizations with the ability to revoke, expire and control the forwarding of encrypted data, and includes the ability to report on who has read or received all protected information. Additionally, Virtru provides network administrators the ability to extend data encryption while information is in transit and outside the company firewall.

And remember that frequent problem with users losing keys, or the keys becoming corrupted? That’s never a problem with Virtru since administrators are empowered to recall emails if needed, seeding them with new encryption tied to fresh keys. Virtru protects client data at rest, in transit, and on every step of its journey.

Organizations and IT security departments need to encrypt data. But just as important, they need to recognize that not all encryption is equal – effective data encryption software protects the privacy of sensitive data inside and outside the company’s network, and provides features that help meet overall security and deployment requirements. The result is more control and stronger encryption in an easy-to-manage solution that works on all platforms.

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