Announcing Virtru OU, Group, and DLP Enhancements

Announcing Virtru OU, Group, and DLP Enhancements

Within most organizations, different departments and employees will have different encryption and business privacy requirements. That’s why the ability to customize data protection policies for subsets of users is so important.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Virtru Enterprise customers can now set Virtru Data Loss Prevention (DLP) rules to apply to specific organizational units (OUs) and groups in their domains.

Virtru Administrators at these organizations can also give end-users the ability to set DLP rules for OUs and groups without impacting other DLP policies configured for the broader domain.

Additionally, all Virtru customers can now set Virtru DLP rules to trigger based on whether or not:

  • An email contains an attachment
  • An email contains a certain number of attachments
  • An email contains a certain attachment extension (i.e., .csv, .pdf., .xlsx, etc.)

DLP Support OU and Groups 2

If you plan on using these DLP rules, it is important that all Virtru users in your organization update their Virtru clients to the latest Outlook (2.6.0) or Chrome (5.2.0) versions.  Otherwise, you may encounter errors when trying to send Virtru emails.

For more information on these capabilities, check out the video below:

Virtu’s OU and group DLP capabilities are available for all Virtru Enterprise customers. To have this feature enabled for your domain, contact you Virtru account manager.

If your organization is on a Virtru Pro or Business plan, contact us to learn more about Virtru Enterprise, or reach out directly to your Virtru rep.

For other questions on these new features, check out our FAQ.


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