Now Available: Default Virtru Toggle Settings for Gmail

Toggle Settings for Gmail

We are excited to announce that Virtru administrators can now configure the default position of the Virtru toggle that your users will see when they compose new Gmail messages.

By accessing the Virtru Dashboard and selecting the ‘ORG SETTINGS’ tab on the left of the screen, admins can choose whether Virtru will initially be toggled on or off for any new Gmail messages that your users compose – or if you’d like Virtru to ‘remember’ the setting used for the last Gmail message composed.

As you’ll see in the video below, you can also choose whether or not your users are able to set their own default, or if you’d like to maintain a global setting for your domain:

Currently, the default Gmail behavior for each individual Virtru user in your domain is set to remember the last Virtru setting used. Going forward, you can update these settings by following the video instructions above, or by visiting our FAQ. End users must have an updated version of the Virtru browser plugin (v5.5.0 or greater) installed for these changes to apply.

Please also note that, when users forward or reply to emails that they receive, the Virtru toggle will default to the encryption options that were initially applied by the sender. Regardless of the default position, users will always have the option to toggle Virtru on or off for a given message.

* These settings will currently only be applied to new messages composed from Gmail using Virtru’s Chrome browser extension. Default toggle support for messages composed from Virtru’s Outlook plug-in and OWA extension is coming soon.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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