Droid Lawyer: Virtru Email Encryption is “Easy to Set Up”

We’ve been saying it, the American Bar Association has been saying it, Edward Snowden has been saying it, and the UK’s top privacy advocate has been saying it…

All lawyers should use email encryption for sensitive emails and attachments.

This is why Jeff Taylor, the Droid Lawyer, thinks that “all attorneys should have a viable encryption option if necessary.”  He’s an expert in evaluating email encryption solutions and he’s already ruled out Google’s encryption product for firms with less than 150 employees. Here’s his review of Virtru for Business.

Spoiler: The Droid Lawyer Likes Virtru Taylor has a comprehensive review of both our browser-based email encryption in Gmail and our Android application. He gives Virtru 4.5 out of 5 stars, and calls our product “likeable”:

“Virtru is very likeable because it’s very easy to set up and seems to work well at protecting the important information.”

Not only did Talyor do a great walkthrough of Virtru’s email encryption products, he also took time to look at our privacy policy and our policy on government requests for information. Lawyers are especially sensitive to issues related to privacy and making sure that a government doesn’t have carte blanche access to the privileged information that both attorneys and clients depend on. Taylor comments on our FAQ on government surveillance:

“Virtru seems concerned about security, and more importantly, notifying its users of government requests for information.”

We’ve contacted The Droid Lawyer to answer any questions, and we’re very much focused on finding ways to claim that remaining half star that we know we’ll earn in a future release.