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Educause 2023: Charting a Secure Path in Higher Education with Virtru

What’s Brewing in October?

The annual Educause Conference in October is more than an event—it's a confluence of ideas, innovation, and strategies to address higher education's most pressing cybersecurity challenges. This year, Virtru is thrilled to be part of this pivotal conversation, showcasing solutions that answer the unique needs of higher education institutions.

Here’s what Virtru is focused on as we return to Educause's Annual Conference.

CMMC Compliance: Balancing Act Between Security and Collaboration

The emphasis on CMMC compliance has never been more pressing for universities, especially with the imminent CMMC 2.0 deadline. While originally designed with the defense industrial base in mind, the principles of CMMC are increasingly relevant for educational institutions, particularly those partnering with the Department of Defense.

Given the vast and varied nature of research programs and the data they handle, universities grapple with striking a balance between ensuring data security and promoting fluid academic collaboration. The question is: how can sensitive data be both protected and shared seamlessly?

Virtru’s end-to-end encryption solutions offer a pragmatic approach. By enveloping data in layers of security, Virtru ensures data remains uncompromised, even during transit or collaboration. This method has been adopted by reputable institutions like the University of Notre Dame and Brown University, showcasing its effectiveness. In the midst of navigating compliance requirements and fostering collaboration, Virtru provides a clear path forward for universities.

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Beyond Boundaries: Embracing Data-Centric Security in a Cloud Era

The transition into the cloud era challenges traditional security paradigms. With data now serving as the digital perimeter, our methods of safeguarding it must evolve. Instead of solely focusing on securing network boundaries, the emphasis is shifting towards protecting data wherever it resides or travels.

Virtru recognizes this shift and has developed a robust, data-centric approach to security. Here are some key facets of Virtru's cloud capabilities:

Adaptive Encryption: Virtru's solutions ensure that data remains encrypted both at rest and in transit. Whether it's an email, a file, or a piece of critical research data, Virtru's encryption adjusts to the nature of the data and its environment, ensuring optimal protection.

Cloud-Agnostic Integration: Understanding that institutions may use various cloud platforms, Virtru's solutions are designed to be cloud-agnostic. This means they can be seamlessly integrated with a range of cloud services, from Google Cloud to AWS and Microsoft Azure, ensuring consistent security levels across platforms.

Granular Access Controls: Virtru allows organizations to set detailed access controls, deciding who can view data, for how long, and under what conditions. This gives universities the flexibility they need to collaborate, while ensuring data remains in the right hands.

As data continues to be the focus in the cloud era, Virtru's suite of solutions offers universities a comprehensive, agile, and integrated approach to data security, ensuring they stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Engage with Virtru at Educause: The Future is Secure and Collaborative

Educause 2023 promises to be a melting pot of insights, experiences, and forward-looking strategies. Virtru is excited to engage with thought leaders, educators, and IT stalwarts. If you're passionate about marrying security with collaboration and shaping a resilient future for higher education, let's connect at Educause.

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