Webinar: Electronic Devices in Healthcare — Ensuring HIPAA Compliance in Your Practice

As incredibly useful as electronic devices are, they can pose massive security risks to organizations.

Understanding best practices for the use of electronic devices in healthcare is a challenge that requires proactive and careful implementation of policies and procedures as well as extensive employee training.

Not sure where to start?

Watch below, as Jason Karn of  Total HIPAA Compliance and Rob McDonald of Virtru discuss the use of electronic devices in your healthcare practice.  You’ll learn the:

  • Benefits and challenges that come with allowing employees to use their own devices.
  • Steps to locking down electronic devices in your practice.
  • Role of data centric security in protecting PHI at rest and in motion.

Ready to learn more about HIPAA compliant email and file storage for your practice? Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, or schedule a demo.

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