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Virtru Just Got Easier for Recipients – Add Encrypted Attachments to Your Replies

We created Virtru to make it easy to keep your private information private.  When it comes to email, that means making it easy and convenient for both senders and recipients.

And now, we’ve made Virtru even easier for recipients.

Virtru recipients can now reply back to senders with their own encrypted attachments – without having to install Virtru.  By accessing Virtru’s Secure Reader in a web browser, recipients can simply add their files to their response to send them back encrypted:

Virtru Secure Reader Encrypted Attachment

Need your client to fill out an application?  Exchanging forms with a vendor?  If you’re sharing sensitive financial, legal, or HR data, or looking to comply with regulations like HIPAA or CFPB, you expect your recipients to maintain the security of that information throughout the full course of your communications.

Virtru’s Secure Reader attachment support makes that easier than ever.  No new accounts.  No new software to install.  Simply open up a web browser, and share encrypted files in seconds.  Visit our FAQ for more information about Secure Reader, or watch this video to see how easy it is to receive and reply to a Virtru secured message:

Of course, sharing with Virtru is easiest when you have a Virtru plugin installed.  And, if you’re sharing professional information, you may want to consider our business product, Virtru Pro.

Contact us today for a quick demo, or visit our Resource Center for more info on the product.