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Our Newest Invention – Searchable Email Encryption

Experts said it was impossible. Our competitors said it didn’t matter. But you asked for it.

So we delivered.

Starting today, all Virtru users can search the full text of Virtru-encrypted messages from any of our supported email platforms.

Searchable email encryption is critical to e-discovery and ease of use, but has long required decryption to take place on service providers’ servers. Virtru’s patent-pending search architecture separates content and search indices from encryption keys, allowing for search of encrypted content without giving third parties access to unencrypted content.

If you are a single-user Virtru account owner or the admin for your organization, you can enable Encrypted Search by going to the ‘Features’ tab on the left of your Virtru Dashboard and clicking ‘Enable’ next to the Encrypted Search’ section (admins must toggle on ‘Organization Admin Mode’ in the top left of their dashboards):

Encrypted Search is free both for Virtru Pro and Basic users. If you’re not the owner of your Virtru account but want access to this feature, ask your organization’s admin to enable it, or contact us to set up your own account.

When you enable Encrypted Search, you can search any future Virtru emails that you send (past messages are not searchable). You’ll be able to search encrypted messages just like you search regular ones.

We believe that encryption should be effortless, automatic, and built into the systems we use every day. By removing a major complexity from email encryption, Encrypted Search moves us forward on our mission to improve communication without sacrificing data security or privacy.

Curious how our newest feature works? Check out our FAQ.

And if you’re interested in other e-discovery features, contact us to enable Virtru’s Google Vault E-Discovery Support, which allows admins to search and decrypt encrypted emails directly from Vault.

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