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How Entertainment Data Security Protects Profits and Boosts Creativity

The entertainment industry relies on trust. To produce an album, for example, songwriters, performers, studio musicians, producers, agents, audio engineers, managers, and other stakeholders all have to exchange intellectual property, both in-person and in the cloud.

If entertainment data security breaks down anywhere along the chain, a third-party can gain access, jeopardizing your creative control or (as we saw in the Sony hack) embarrassing your employees, business partners, and artists — all of which can cause lasting harm to your brand. IP protection prevents damaging leaks, but it goes beyond that — it also enhances the spirit of creative collaboration that makes the magic happen behind the scenes.

Entertainment Data Security Needs to Mesh With Your Workflow

Your organization has a broad range of strategies at your disposal to protect entertainment data security. For example, you can require workers to switch to a secure portal when sharing IP, use non-cloud means of communication like in-person meetings as much as possible, or focus on walling in sensitive data behind an internal network.

Unfortunately, most of these techniques don’t mesh well with modern industry workflow. Your workers and partners tend to work in cafes and other locations outside the traditional workplace. They send informal emails back and forth, discussing ongoing projects, and sharing drafts and revisions.

Forcing them to only work from the office, or to switch to a clunky portal or schedule a meeting whenever sensitive data is involved decreases productivity and prevents the free flow of ideas. Inevitably, someone will forget the portal and use unencrypted email or an unsecured app, giving hackers an opportunity to strike.

Data-centric Encryption Reduces Risks, While Facilitating Collaboration

Entertainment data security needs to free workers to create, plan, and speak their minds without worrying about who might be listening, using the apps they’re most comfortable with. Virtru’s data-centric security accomplishes this by protecting the data itself. Emails, files, and attachments are encrypted before they leave the computer, and only decrypted when the recipient opens them. Virtru works as an add-on, which adds encryption and access control features to your employees’ existing email accounts. Recipients can receive and reply to encrypted emails with a couple of clicks, even if they haven’t installed Virtru. That means your team can email anyone securely — without having to talk them into installing software.

Not only does this provide excellent entertainment data security, it also fosters closer collaboration. Your team can share drafts and updates, and work more closely with clients and partners, knowing their conversations are confidential. Virtru also provides access control features that aren’t normally available in email, such as the ability to rescind messages (even after they’ve been read), disable forwarding, and watermark a PDF with a tool that prevents downloading and holds leakers accountable.

Entertainment Data Security Can Boost Creativity

More than any other industry, entertainment depends on connectivity and a seamless workflow. Virtru provides strong encryption with a single click, allowing workers to stay in the zone and focus on creation, not data security rules.

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