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December 19, 2016 | Google Apps Security, Security

Google Recommends Virtru for G Suite Encryption

We are pleased to announce that after completing rigorous testing and security audits, Google has selected Virtru as its recommended application for G Suite encryption.


Virtru adds client-side file and email encryption, control, and data loss prevention (DLP) directly into G Suite.

  • Secure your emails and files no matter where they travel, and comply with regulations like HIPAA, CFPB, CJIS, and other data residency requirements.
  • Revoke, expire, track or disable forwarding, and view read receipts for your messages from Gmail – even after they’ve been opened or shared.
  • Detect and automatically encrypt sensitive content before it leaves your domain.
  • Host and manage your encryption keys to prevent third party provider or government access to your cloud data.

Here’s a brief tour of Virtru G Suite Encryption:

Ready to see for yourself why Google selected Virtru for G Suite encryption?  Request a demo today to see how Virtru can meet your organization’s needs for encryption and business privacy.

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