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gCON 360 Secure Your Org Replay Now Available

Last Monday, Virtru presented as part of the gCON 360 virtual conference hosted by The Gooru. It was an amazing opportunity for us to connect with you and we were blown away by the turnout and all of your great questions. Thank you!

If you weren’t able to make it – let’s get you up to speed.

Secure Your Org: A Practical Guide And Case Study On Email Encryption

We now live in the encryption age. Whether your organization needs to comply with regulations like HIPAA or protect sensitive financial, legal, or HR information from leaks or hacks, Google Apps (*now known as G Suite) administrators should understand their options.

This webinar is an ideal way to get up to speed on email encryption options for Google Apps, get practical advice from IT practitioners, and have your questions answered by experts.

The Presenters:
Will Ackerly, Founder and CTO, Virtru
Donovan Sliman, Managing Partner, Exceltox
Raymond Harrell, IT Manager and System Administrator, Huntsville Radiology
Rob McDonald, VP of Customer Solutions, Virtru


Virtru’s co-founder and CTO, Will Ackerly, kicked off the session with an overview of the different encryption options on the market weighing the pros and cons of each. To see his introduction, as well as a brief overview of how to secure your Google Apps organization, be sure to check out this clip.

Case Study 1: Raymond Harrell of Huntsville Radiology

Raymond Harrell, IT Manager and Systems Administrator for Huntsville Radiology joined us to discuss his evaluation process for email encryption and why he chose Virtru.

Raymond explained that his organization recently moved from a dated ISP email platform to Google Apps for Work, mostly because they needed a secure email solution to comply with PHI information. His 70-person team relies on email to connect with:

  • Insurance companies,
  • Business partners,
  • Customer health facilities, and
  • Internal staff processing of radiology reports.

Raymond chose Virtru for several reasons including the simple and easy to use interface and the fact that Virtru is seamless for end users, and didn’t get in the way of normal workflows. He also stated that Virtru has “rock solid encryption” and great support for Chrome, Outlook, and both iOS and Android devices which fits nicely into their bring your own device (BYOD) culture.

To hear more from Raymond Harrell, please watch the video clip here.

Case Study 2: Donovan Sliman of Exceltox

Donovan Sliman Managing Partner at Exceltox, a clinical diagnostics and toxicology testing organization joined us to discuss his evaluation process for email encryption and why he chose Virtru to meet their client-side encryption needs.

Exceltox has 50 Google Apps for Work users that deal with private patient information every day. They had been using a cumbersome portal based system that was outside of their employees normal work flow and had low usage.

Exceltox started with 20 employees that dealt with PHI on a daily basis and had a need to communicate with patients, vendors, corporate partners, insurance companies and internal staff, all of which are protected under HIPAA.

In the end, Donovan was ultimately looking for an easy to use client-side email encryption service that worked inside of the employees’ workflow to encourage consistent usage. The other criteria he considered included:

  • Availability to deploy immediately
  • Simple recipient experience
  • Ease of use for the sender
  • Deep integration with Google Apps for Work
  • Flexible licensing options
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to enforce encryption for their users

He concluded that Virtru delivered on that and more. To hear more from Donovan Sliman, please check out this video clip.

Virtru Demo

To see Virtru’s own, Rob McDonald giving a 10-minute demo of Virtru in action, as well as respond to the many questions from the audience, please watch Rob in action here.

To watch the full hour-long presentation, complete with Q&A: