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Virtru Will Support Ubiquitous Data Encryption for Google Cloud


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    The cloud has never been more secure. Google has made several announcements to strengthen privacy and security in the cloud this year with end-to-end encryption — first with its debut of Client-side Encryption for Google Workspace, and now with its ubiquitous data encryption for Google Cloud. Both solutions require an encryption key management partner — and Virtru is ready to support organizations with key management, bringing true Zero Trust security to Google Cloud. 

    Virtru is a Google-recommended encryption partner for Workspace, and we recently announced that we will be an External Key Manager (EKM) for Google Cloud. Because customers can leverage the same EKM setup for ubiquitous data protection, that means organizations can use Virtru to implement a single, holistic framework for protecting the full breadth of their data in the cloud, and that they can shield their private data from third parties, including Google and Virtru.  

    What is Google Ubiquitous Data Encryption?

    According to Google, ubiquitous data encryption will provide “unified control over data at-rest, in-use, and in-transit, all with keys that are under your control.” Essentially, with ubiquitous data encryption, organizations have greater control over access to their data across its full lifecycle, from creation to storage and sharing. This is made possible by a partnership with an encryption key management partner like Virtru. 

    Zero Trust Data Protection in Google Cloud

    End-to-end encryption, at the object level, means that organizations don’t have to extend trust to Google: Their information is safeguarded and secure. Even Google itself says that, with ubiquitous data encryption, “you can reduce your level of implicit trust in Google.”

    Organizations can leverage the benefits of Google Cloud while safeguarding their data with Zero Trust data protection strategies. With Virtru offering key management, organizations can leverage Virtru to safeguard the encryption keys to their data, which lives (protected) on Google’s servers. By wrapping each piece of that hosted data in a layer of encryption, with the keys managed completely separately from the data, organizations can store data in the cloud with the confidence that not even Google can access the contents. 

    End-to-End Cloud Encryption for Google Data Sovereignty

    Ubiquitous data encryption is especially significant for global organizations with customers outside the U.S. that need to maintain data sovereignty and residency. End-to-end encryption that shields corporate data from Google gives these organizations confidence that neither Google itself, nor any other third party, can access an organization’s data without that organization’s permission. This frees up global enterprises to select the cloud vendors they prefer, even if those vendors are U.S.-based, knowing that their data will remain safely under their control. 

    Comprehensive Data Protection for a Hybrid Workplace

    The future of work is hybrid: It encompasses an array of endpoints, devices, users, networks, and locations. Organizations need the efficiencies of the cloud now more than ever — and they need strong security to go with it. 

    As the nature of work becomes more complex, it’s vital for security leaders to optimize their tech stacks and streamline their data protection efforts in order to minimize risks and gaps. Virtru provides a single, comprehensive framework for data protection across the entirety of the Google portfolio. With Virtru, your employees can encrypt emails and attachments in Gmail; protect created, stored, and shared files in Google Drive; collaborate securely in Google Meet, Docs, Sheets, and Slides; and safely store, compute, and analyze sensitive data in Google Cloud Platform

    Simplify your Google data protection, and leverage Google’s ubiquitous data encryption, with Virtru. Start the conversation today: Contact Virtru for a demo or sign up for a free trial of Virtru email encryption.

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