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Our Job Is to Make Rock-Solid Encryption Look Easy

We wanted to point out Jeremy Kirk’s story about Virtru in PC World. Kirk captures the essential truth of Virtru – we’ve invested our time and effort to create rock-solid encryption that is easy to use. We’ve got you covered because we’re not just integrating with tools like Gmail; we’re going the extra mile to think about privacy from all angles.

Here’s a quote from Kirk’s piece:

Saying something is encrypted sounds good, but there are fine technical points that must be spot-on for the highest level of privacy and security.

At Virtru, we know how to preserve privacy and we also know that it isn’t easy. There are a thousand ways to circumvent privacy protections. It isn’t enough to encrypt email when an email is sent — Virtru also encrypts emails before they are sent to drafts. Again, Kirk captures the challenges and effort we’ve poured into our product:

Virtru’s big advantage is that it works within the Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo webmail interfaces and doesn’t need an external client, which was no small engineering feat, Will said.

For example, content typed in the body of an email is immediately encrypted so that Gmail, which periodically saves a draft of a new messages, only sees encrypted content.

And, as Kirk notes, we are protecting your encryption keys in transit with perfect forward secrecy.

Read Kirk’s piece, and be sure to note the last two paragraphs. He touches on something we understand:

Joseph Lorenzo Hall, chief technologist for the Center for Democracy and Technology, a think tank, said the people within the NSA, including code breakers and those figuring out how to undermine security, are also in the best position to build more secure software.

“That’s the only hope we have,” Hall said.