Join Virtru at gCon: Largest Ever Google Apps Training Event

Everyone is using Google Apps (now known as G Suite) these days to host email and documents, but if you are like me you always wonder if there are tools and techniques that you are missing out on.  Well you don’t have to wonder any longer, just attend gCon. gCon is an online conference from September 22 to September 25 dedicated to training Google Apps administrators on the latest tools and techniques.

Virtru is joining companies like FlashPanel, Esna, AODocs, Spanning, Insightly, Smartsheet and Zendesk at the gCon conference sponsored by The Gooru.

Day 1 focuses on security and you’ll hear about how to secure Google Apps and run reports that can identify potential opportunities for data loss.  You’ll exit Day 1 with a solid understanding of the available options for security and backups.  Day 2 focuses on Google Drive and you’ll learn how to use Google Apps as a project management platform.  Day 3 focuses on collaboration with a Keynote from a Googler, and Day 4 is all about Gmail.

On Day 4 of gCon our own Will Ackerly will be giving a breakout session on Virtru right after you learn some tips and tricks from Andrew McGonnigle (the Google Gooru) on how to automate to gain control of your inbox.

As Google Apps becomes a bigger part of everyone’s business it makes sense to take time out of your schedule to learn about the latest tools and tricks available to get the most value out of Google Apps.  If you are interested in getting more value from Google Apps, join us at gCon from September 22 to September 25, 2014.  Even better the airfare and hotel is cheap – it’s an online conference held over Google Hangouts. Register Today.

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