Introducing the Virtru Customer Key Server

Customers Take Exclusive Ownership of Encryption Keys for Unprecedented Cloud Privacy

Your organization places a lot of trust in third parties. Between your email provider, file sharing hosts, and other cloud vendors, you never had a choice.

Until today.

We’re proud to announce that Virtru customers can now exclusively store encryption keys on their premises via Virtru’s Customer Key Server (CKS).

Virtru’s standard Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product allows users to manage access to message keys that Virtru hosts. The new CKS builds on this by encrypting message keys with additional public-private key pairs that are hosted by the customer – either on its physical premises, in a private cloud, or on any public cloud service.

virtru customer key server diagram

As business privacy becomes a top priority for organizations across all industries, the Virtru CKS ensures that only explicitly authorized parties have access to unencrypted content and encryption keys. The Virtru CKS adds additional privacy for organizations looking to comply with security regulations, meet data residency requirements, or simply prevent third party providers from ever accessing unencrypted keys or content – all while preserving Virtru’s award-winning ease of use.

Traditional key management services allow customers to create and control the keys used to encrypt their data, but they require that those keys be given to cloud providers to perform the encryption and decryption. These methods give cloud providers access to the underlying plaintext content.

Want to learn more about key management in the cloud? Check out The Simple Guide to Encryption Key Management for more information on how encryption technologies like Virtru works.

With Virtru, data protection keys stay exclusively within customer control, ensuring that cloud providers can never see keys or underlying content. This zero-knowledge configuration is ideal for anyone looking to:

  • Enable easy-to-use client-side encryption without having to trust third parties with encryption keys or unencrypted content.
  • Meet data residency requirements by specifying the locations where your encryption keys are stored.
  • Ensure you are the only entity that can respond to government access requests for your data.
  • Comply with CJIS, EAR, and other government regulations.

The CKS is an optional add-on to Virtru’s standard email and file encryption service. With or without the CKS, Virtru provides easy-to-use client-side encryption that prevents third parties from accessing plaintext content.

Ready to learn more about how the Virtru CKS? Contact us today.


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