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Mobile Wins Email: Your Messages Are Now Easier to Intercept

Litmus released an infographic today illustrating how mobile is taking over email. For the first time in this survey, mobile accounts for more than 50% of email opens at 51%. Another interesting factoid is that iOS accounts for 38% of email opens. Mobile plus browser-based email now accounts for 71% of email opens. Gmail was up 50% in 2013, Outlook down 20%.

Translation: Gmail and iOS devices are eating Outlook’s lunch

How, then, does this make your messages easier to intercept? Well, couple the Litmus infographic with this Harris survey from last October, which states:

While consumers recognize mobile security is an important issue, people still don’t take the right precautions; only 44 percent of people surveyed set a PIN or a passcode on their phone.

OK, let’s do some math. 51% of email opens are on mobile, and only 44% of people set a PIN or a passcode. This means that there are, oh, something like a zillion million people out there running around with that sensitive email you just sent them, waiting around for someone pick up that phone and start reading.

Or, there are maybe a million people about to absent-mindedly leave a cell phone sitting on that train seat after a long day of reading sensitive email about corporate finances and political scandals.

The point here is that when you send email there’s a good chance it is showing up on someone’s completely unsecured mobile device. This is why you need Virtru – because as a sender you can’t just trust the recipient to protect an email, especially when 56% of mobile users don’t have a PIN or passcode.

You can stop wondering why the daily news cycle is currently a logjam of stories about email leaks – we’re using our devices for email more and we’re securing them less. If you want more control over the email you send to these devices, use Virtru to secure your communications. When you secure send with Virtru you can disable forwarding and you can secure attachments. If your friend or business associate calls you up tomorrow and tells you that they didn’t have a PIN on a phone and lost your sensitive emails, you can revoke them so that no one else can see them.

In an increasingly mobile world, senders need more control. They can get it today with Virtru.

Here’s the Litmus Infographic:

Source: Litmus — Email Client Market Share: Where People Opened in 2013