Now Available: Virtru for Business Beta

Virtru. Privacy, Secured.

Today, we’re proud to announce the availability of Virtru for Business Beta. Virtru for Business is available directly from our site and also from the Google Apps Marketplace (now known as G Suite Marketplace) and can be added to your Google domain today.

Virtru for Business gives organizations the ability to easily encrypt emails and files, offers users the ability to revoke those secured messages, control forwarding of their sensitive content, and gives administrators central control and monitoring.  We’ve worked hard to make it as easy as possible for users and administrators in Google Apps domains.

The easiest, most secure way to share.

Every day, virtually every business shares sensitive information via email – even though it’s not secure and it’s not private. Old encryption technologies are generally too complicated for end users, require heavy investments, or are not designed for cloud services like corporate Gmail. Virtru for Business changes all of that by giving your organization a new way to protect emails and attachments.

With Virtru for Business, corporate Gmail and files are encrypted and protected, but it’s exceptionally easy to send and receive. Virtru for Business works with your corporate Gmail addresses and all of your devices, and there is no software to install. Anyone can read anywhere. Users and administrators can take back messages sent to anyone inside or outside of your organization, and with Virtru for Business, administrators can trace and restrict where emails and files are forwarded over their entire lifespan. Just like our consumer product, Virtru for Business gives users the ability to add expiration dates to emails and attachments, and Virtru for Business gives administrators the ability to archive and recover expired emails.

With Virtru for Business You Can

  • Secure and protect email communications without the cost, complexity, and overhead of “enterprise” products. Other solutions require the installation of a server to manage encryption or the use of another piece of difficult to use software. Virtru for Business works with Gmail, it works with Microsoft Outlook, and it works on all your mobile devices, be they iOS or Android. It’s easy to install through the Google Apps Marketplace.

  • Gain the convenience of cloud-based email and collaboration without exposing company information to third parties. If you’ve migrated to Google Apps you’ll appreciate that Virtru is a new approach to controlling documents and data in the web. When you use the cloud, your data flows through third-party networks, and with Virtru for Business you benefit from client-side encryption that guarantees that your data is protected before it is sent to the cloud.

  • Explicitly define the audience and lifespan of your most sensitive information. With Virtru you’ll never again send a sensitive email with an instruction not to share. You control the audience for emails that shouldn’t be shared with others.

  • Reduce legal and reputation risk from loss of confidential information and intellectual property by enabling centralized oversight, audit, and control. Don’t show up in the headlines because you forgot to secure email.

  • Meet HIPAA and other regulatory requirements by securing and protecting personally identifiable information. Whether it is FERPA, HIPAA, the EU data directive, or PCI compliance, encrypting and securing data is essential, because violating privacy regulations can be a costly lesson – one easily avoided with Virtru for Business.

  • Don’t sacrifice your privacy and security for convenience. Unlike legacy encryption products, Virtru for Business doesn’t have access to the contents of your email messages or attachments. Virtru manages keys, and your content is encrypted on your local computer before it is sent to the cloud.

Virtru for Business Beta is available for trial today directly from our site.  It takes just a minute to set up, and it’s free to try. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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