Privacy Law Update with Brown Professor Tim Edgar

The Virtru Team Briefing on the State of Privacy Law and Technology

I invited Tim Edgar, a good friend and privacy advisor for Virtru, to come and give the Virtru team a briefing on the state privacy law and technology.  We realized that many others outside Virtru may also enjoy watching, so we are recording briefings like these moving forward.

Tim Edgar is a law professor at Brown University, and was previously the director of privacy and civil liberties at the White House under Obama, and prior to that a national security lawyer at the ACLU.  He has testified before congress on several occasions, advocated strong reforms to limit government surveillance powers and improve oversight and transparency.

In this video, Tim gives an overview of what has changed in 2014 regarding privacy laws, rulings and policy directives both in the USA and internationally, where the laws have yet to be fully settled, and what stances and actions Virtru has been taking to best protect our user’s privacy. In the video Tim discusses:

1. Surveillance Law Reforms for Content and Metadata

  • USA Freedom Act
  • PRISM Program Authorities
  • Presidential Policy Directive 28
  • Cell Phone Searches

2. Encryption

  • Lavabit Court Cases
  • FBI’s “Going Dark” Arguments

3. Ensuring Transparency

  • Use of Warrant Canaries
  • Disclosure of National Security Letters

4. International Law

  • Right To Be Forgotten laws

Watch the video here:


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