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Professionals: Listen to Snowden, Encrypt Email

We couldn’t agree more with the recent headline from the Guardian  “Edward Snowden urges professionals to encrypt client communications”. It’s about a lot more than surveillance; it’s about common sense. Your business shares sensitive information with its employees, customers, and partners, and it should be secured.

Here’s the full interview with Snowden that accompanies the Guardian article. Snowden’s comments about professional responsibility begin at around 3:00 into the video.

The problem is that until recently encryption wasn’t easy. In fact, the only people who could protect their private information using encryption were the technically sophisticated or those who had access to complex software and big IT departments. At Virtru, we think everyone should have access and that it shouldn’t be expensive or require a PhD in cryptography.

Virtru for Business, now in beta, is designed to meet the needs of professionals who want to protect their emails and file attachments.

Anyone who deals with patient data, legal information, business proposals, anything sensitive should be using a tool like Virtru for Business. Our target for Virtru for Business is professionals who need to send secure emails to people that can be opened without a heavy investment in technology, and we’re convinced that the easiest way to get started is to work with the tools that people use every day – clients and services like Gmail, Outlook, iOS, and Android.

Regarding the broader topic of  surveillance, we believe that governments should go through established legal channels with appropriate checks and balances if they need to access private information. Blanket surveillance is lazy, invasive, and ineffective. But we believe individuals also have to assert their right to privacy by taking steps to secure their email. That’s why we founded Virtru. Now businesses can play a part in creating a more secure, more private internet by starting to encrypt with Virtru for Business.

We’ve taken steps to respond to requests we might receive from various governments in the future, and our engineering department is committed to opening up our code and creating features to allow expert users to control their own keys. If you are interested in helping, please let us know. We’re looking for your feedback.

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