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Public Service Announcement: Patch IE Now

It is rare that the United States government warns users to avoid a specific web browser due to a critical security flaw, but that’s what happened this week.  US-CERT and the Department of Homeland Security issued warnings for IE users earlier in the week, and Microsoft release a patch yesterday.

At Virtru, we urge everyone using IE to apply this patch from Microsoft. Our browsers are at the center of email, messaging, banking, and business and you should make sure that IE is secured from this flaw if you are planning on sending or receiving secure email with Virtru.

Just a quick reminder that this is may be a good opportunity to migrate to Google Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox.  Virtru publishes browser plugins for both of these browsers.  If you use Firefox you should also be aware that US-CERT issued an advisory for Firefox as well that affects users on Firefox 29.

Even if there isn’t an active security bulletin all users are advised to make sure that they regularly upgrade browsers to avoid exposure to known vulnerabilities.