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Quentin Tarantino Should Have Used Virtru

Director Quentin Tarantino is canceling production of “Hateful Eight” over a leaked script for the planned movie. Make that once-planned, because he has decided to scrap the project. The much-anticipated follow up to “Django Unchained” has fallen victim to an inadvertent script forward.

Tarantino sent this script to Michael Madsen, Bruce Dern and Tim Roth. Reportedly, one of the actors sent the script to his agent who, in Tarantino’s words, “has now passed it on to everyone in Hollywood.” His response is to cancel production and move on – his words again, “I’ve got 10 more where that came from.”

Those words of exasperation might make him feel better, but he’s lost a fair amount of work to this unintended document leak. At Virtru, we read a news story like this and it just screams, “He should’ve used Virtru!”

Note to Directors: Send Your Scripts with Virtru

If he had, he could have attached a PDF or a document to an email and encrypted the email in transit. This would protect the email from being intercepted by an unintended recipient or by someone working in IT for a major email provider.

Then he could have clicked on “Disable Forwarding.” Disabling forwarding would have prevented this from becoming a national news story. Instead of freaking out over a leaked script today, he’d still be thinking about producing that script. By disabling forwarding he would have ensured that his recipient would not have been able to forward the email to others. Problem solved.

If he was very concerned about the sensitivity of the email he could have gone the extra mile and slapped an expiration date on the message. Send the email, give these actors three days to read and get back to him. This way he wouldn’t have to worry about someone’s inbox getting hacked or computer being meddled with. If someone stumbled upon the email in a month no one would be able to unencrypt the contents.

As a celebrity Tarantino has to be aware of the various woes involving hacked email accounts. The ability to revoke a secure message already sent and to disable forwarding would go a long way toward preventing unintended forwards and movie-killing document leaks. What about someone leaking a printed script? Well, Virtru is building support to prevent printing of documents as well.

In summary, Quentin Tarantino should sign up for Virtru today. If you see him, let me know. You should also let him know that it’s free.