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Top Reasons to Recall an Email

Have You Ever Needed to Recall Email?

It’s 5:30 PM, and you should’ve been out of the office a half hour ago. You’re tired. The light isn’t making it through the blinds, and everyone has left their cubicles. Your stomach grumbles. With your focus annihilated and your brain slowly devolving into a raisin, your filter has mostly deteriorated — so you decide to leave in a sarcastic comment about your boss in an email to a coworker. No harm, right?

Except in your delirious state, you accidentally CC’d that email right to your boss.

Lucky for you, you’re using Virtru — and so the secure message you sent with Virtru can be recalled in a single click, and your boss never has to know about your hatred of oversized Hawaiian shirts. The ability to recall an email is a powerful one, potentially saving you from endless amounts of embarrassment (or maybe even saving your job, given the right scenario). How else might the ability to recall an email save you from a potential nightmare?

The Ability to Recall Emails Can Prevent the Leak of a Lifetime

A reporter had the story of his lifetime land right in his inbox after a lawyer from the drug company Eli Lilly accidentally sent him an email that included confidential case data. After a little digging, the reporter ended up publishing a story about the case in the New York Times, much to the chagrin of the attorney who accidentally sent him the message. While the email sent to the reporter had an email disclaimer, they aren’t legal binding in any way, meaning that the reporter had nothing to lose by ignoring it.

If the lawyer’s message had been a Virtru secure message, he would have had the power to recall email, preventing both his firm and his client many headaches.

Email Recalls Can Prevent Digital Love Disasters

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and chances are some people have been left a little lonelier than others. The late-February blues often convince all of us to do some pretty foolish things, and often we don’t realize our error until it’s too late.

From pictures that probably should’ve never been taken in the first place to long love poems that’ve never worked for anyone short of Shakespeare himself — the ability to recall email we’ve sent to past (and even present) romantic interests is invaluable. As long as you have Virtru by your side, you never have to worry about embarrassing yourself. At least, not with email.

Recalling Emails Can Help You Stay Compliant

As a doctor, or an employee in an office that deals with patient information, you can never be too careful when it comes to HIPAA. The thing is, even when you’re careful, accidents sometimes happen — especially considering the high volume, high pressure nature of most doctors’ offices. In such an environment, when you’re responsible for sending a lot of email, the ability to recall email is invaluable.

All it takes is one employee sending information to the wrong patient for a huge HIPAA fine and a potential lawsuit from a patient. With Virtru, even if one of your employees makes a mistake, they can simply recall the secure email, preventing a HIPAA violation, and protecting the privacy of your patients.

Email Recall Helps Secure Your Inbox, and Your Reputation

There are many reasons you might regret sending an email, but with Virtru, you have the power to take them right back. While the power to recall email might seem too good to be true, Virtru allows you to recall any secure email you’ve sent with Virtru with the click of a button. It doesn’t matter if you choose to recall it the second after you hit send, or after a month of deliberation, as long as the secure message was sent using Virtru, you can recall it at any time.

Virtru’s secret is encryption — every message sent with Virtru is encrypted, meaning that your messages are unreadable to anyone you don’t give explicit permission to see them. Not only does that mean you can recall your secure messages at any time, but it also means that no one can ever see messages you’ve sent in the past, protecting you from hackers and external surveillance.

Download Virtru today, and see how easy it is to protect your inbox from intruders (or embarrassment).