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‘Sensitive and embarrassing emails, obtained by the Times…’

How many breaking news stories have a sentence that starts just like the title of this blog post? Today we see a story in the New York Times about a governor closing portions of a public highway to get back at the mayor of a city he doesn’t very much like. Fun stuff.

Below is a quote from the email in question. The story revolves around the appearance that politicians were causing traffic problems to influence local politics:

“Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” she emailed [to a] close friend and appointee at the Port Authority.

In September, local access lanes to the George Washington Bridge were abruptly closed for four days, gridlocking Fort Lee.

Now, Virtru’s all for government transparency and accountability. Don’t get us wrong – unintended email forwards are Pulitzer Prize factories for journalists, but I’m betting that whoever sent that email is now wishing they hadn’t. I’m also betting that whoever sent that email was blind-sided by ramifications of something she probably thought was just a funny aside.

A ‘Funny Aside’ Can Come Back to Haunt You

This is the story of email both in our private and professional lives. We grow so comfortable with the medium, and we become blind to the fact that sending unprotected messages is about as private as a standing out on a public street and shouting. News stories like this remind all of us that emails live forever, and what might seem like a harmless joke can turn into a career-ending criminal investigation.

At Virtru we’re creating tools for individuals and private companies that will allow email senders to regain control and secure email messages they send so they can communicate with confidence.

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mgreene/476286568/