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Slate: “Yes, Online Privacy is Really Possible”

Great article by Eva Galperin and Jillian C. York in Slate on the false choice between security and convenience, here’s a quote:

“[we] know that the choice between a crippled Internet experience and an Internet in which privacy is a mere afterthought is a false one,” the authors conclude with “we recommend that you tackle the task of becoming safer online the way you would any other task: step by step. By starting slow and building on your repertoire of tools, you can protect yourself.”

Virtru is just such a tool. When you use Virtru you are taking a step to protect your online privacy without having to sacrifice the usability of the tools you currently use. We offer client-side encryption, and we offer you the ability to start gaining more control of the messages you send.

Start using Virtru today and start the “step-by-step” task of becoming safer online.