Stop the Leak: An Admin’s Guide to Encryption for Gmail

Want to learn how to encrypt your email and activate Google Apps (now known as G Suite) features that will allow you to track and control sensitive messages? Join Will Ackerly next Thursday at 1:00 PM ET for a gCon session focused on just these topics.  gCon is the largest online event focused on Google Apps and Will’s session touches upon a topic that every administrator needs to understand – email security.

Learn How to Encrypt Gmail and Google Apps at gCon

Whether you are concerned about regulations like HIPAA or you want to protect the sensitive financial, legal, or intellectual property information your business depends on. Data leak prevention and the protection of corporate data has never been more important as every week brings another story about organizations getting hacked or falling victim to an information leak.

Security professionals and business owners are looking for solutions to secure email, and Google Apps administrators have access to an easy option to secure email messages and attachments.  If you are a business owner or if you run a Google domain for a business you can’t afford to ignore email security and Virtru offers an easy way to secure your user’s Gmail accounts.

Will’s session will touch upon the following topic:

  • The need for email and Google Apps encryption
  • An overview of the options available to Google Apps Administrators
  • A demo of Virtru for Business

Virtru’s integration with Google Apps and support for Secure Gmail can be installed and configure in a few minutes, and Will’s presentation is a great way to get started. In a half an hour you’ll have a solid understanding of how to Secure Gmail and protect the sensitive information your business shares.

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