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Business professionals create a steady stream of privacy and security problems by sharing emails and files insecurely every day. And just about every day, when one of these stories pops up in the news, it always surprises us just how unaware professionals are of the problems that regular, unprotected email presents for businesses. Some of these news stories are entertaining, some salacious, and more than a few are catastrophic for the individuals and their employers.

Businesses should never share sensitive information without having control over who sees it, and for how long. That’s why we created  Virtru for Business, now in beta. Here are just some of the emails you can “fix” with Virtru for Business either by assigning an expiration date before you hit send or by revoking and email you’ve already sent.

Whether it is an investment bank sending customer data to a random email address or a university mistakenly sending everyone’s grades to a wide distribution list, the news is full of examples of businesses sending the wrong data to the wrong recipient using regular, unprotected email.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With Virtru for Business, you gain access to several features focused on making it easier for your business to control who has access to your information. One of the features that we hope catches on quickly is the ability to send an email with an expiration date – an ephemeral email.

B2B Information Exchange Should Be Ephemeral

In most cases, the information we share via email with our business partners  should only go to certain specified individuals and does not need to live forever. Assume a bank offloads credit checks to a third party, or that a school uses another firm to conduct background checks on new employees. In both of these cases a business needs to share data with a third party for a day or two, that’s it. Right now, the norm is to send some sensitive attachments and documents over regular email, and they live forever and can be forwarded anywhere. The new normal should be that businesses send third-party data partners ephemeral messages that only need to last for a day or a week and can only be read by the intended recipients.

If you work at a bank maybe you use a vendor to service your customer accounts or assess credit-worthiness. If you work at a hospital maybe your physicians send data to third-party testing labs. If you are a teacher, you are most definitely emailing other professionals about issues that arise in your classroom. If you are a lawyer you may negotiate with other lawyers over the fine details of your cases, usually over insecure email. If you are an accountant you are sending tax returns and other documents around the Internet using unprotected email. And so on.

The Solution? Virtru for Business

With Virtru, businesses can ensure that all email communications and file attachments are protected. Virtru gives your employees  and administrators the ability to disable forwarding so partners cannot share customer data with unauthorized third parties. Virtru also gives employees the ability to add expiration dates to email. This expiration date is very relevant to most third-party data interactions.

That bank only needs that third-party risk assessor to have access to a prospective customer’s account for a few hours or maybe a day. Enforce this with Virtru for Business and an expiration date that makes sure that the data you are sending along to third parties disappears after it is no longer needed. It isn’t just that this is the right thing to do to protect a customer’s privacy, it’s the right thing to do to minimize your company’s exposure to risk.

Learn more about how Virtru for Business can protect your sensitive information. After all, unless you take control, the next mistaken sharing horror story could be your own.

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