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Tim Edgar on Encryption One Year After Snowden

Tim Edgar, former director of privacy and civil liberties under President Obama, visiting fellow at Brown, and a frequent Virtru advisor just summarized the state of privacy technology one year after Snowden in the Wall Street Journal.

Two quick quotes from Tim Edgar’s piece, for the full version you can read it at the Wall Street Journal.

“Even professionals who are charged with keeping client confidences still use unencrypted e-mail and hope for the best. A recent survey showed that 77% of law firms rely on e-mail as their primary file sharing tool, even though they are keenly aware of the risks of doing so.”

Edgar identifies the one aspect of privacy that everyone can agree on:

“The nation’s top cybersecurity official [Michael Daniel] and its most wanted hacker are saying the same thing – people need these kinds of easy tools to empower them to protect their own privacy.”

Read the full article and then take some time to install Virtru’s browser extension to start taking control and securing your email.