Is the Virtru Data Protection Platform Right for You?

Understanding the Differences Between Virtru’s Personal and Business Encryption Products

Everyone has a right to keep their digital content private and secure. We founded Virtru because we believe that exercising that right should be convenient and cost-effective.

Whether you need to secure sensitive HR, legal, or finance information for your business, or just protect your personal privacy, Virtru for Personal Privacy and Virtru Data Protection Platform (for business use and regulatory compliance) make client-side encryption easy:

  • Virtru for Personal Privacy – Client-side encryption for personal communications.
  • Virtru Data Protection Platform – Client-side encryption, enhanced security, and control features for business use and regulatory compliance.

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Who Should Use Virtru for Personal Privacy?

Virtru for Personal Privacy offers simple, powerful, and completely free client-side email and file encryption for personal use. It’s the perfect tool for people looking to secure personal communications, such as:

  • Transmitting passwords, social security numbers, and credit card information
  • Sensitive exchanges with friends and family
  • Loan, credit, and other applications containing financial data
  • Exchanging personal intellectual property
  • Avoiding service provider or government access to sensitive content

While Virtru for Personal Privacy does not include any team, administrative, or compliance features, it uses the same powerful client-side encryption included with our business and enterprise products, and is not limited in any other way. With Virtru for Personal Privacy, you can easily encrypt as many of your personal communications as you like–all for free.

If you or your organization need email or file encryption to comply with regulations like HIPAA, CJIS, FERPA, or CFPB, advanced control features (like revocation, expiration, forwarding control, read receipt), or administrative features like data loss prevention (DLP), you need Virtru Data Protection Platform.

Who Should Use Virtru Data Protection Platform?

Virtru Data Protection Platform layers critical business and compliance features on top of the client-side encryption found in Virtru for Personal Privacy:

  • Deep integration with Google Apps for Work (now known as G Suite)
  • DLP rules that automatically detect and encrypt sensitive info
  • *HIPAA, CJIS, FERPA, and CFPB compliance agreements
  • Support for distribution groups and alias accounts
  • Custom-branded email templates for your recipients (Available for an extra charge.)
  • Message revocation, expiration, forwarding control and read receipt
  • Manage licenses for multiple Virtru users under one account
  • Team support from Virtru engineers

*HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAA)  are only available for customers who purchase our HIPAA Compliance Package.

Virtru Pro v Basic

Some of these features–distribution group support and administration of multiple users–are necessary for business use of any software product.

Other Virtru Data Protection Platform components – DLP, persistent message control, and compliance agreements–provide functionality that is required by most data security and regulatory laws.

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In addition to anyone sending with Virtru to team members, you should use Virtru Data Protection Platform to share business communications or other information that needs to be compliant, such as:

    • Proprietary corporate documents, legal info, and HR data
    • Protected health information (PHI) regulated by HIPAA
    • Criminal justice information (CJI) regulated by CJIS
    • Sensitive student data regulated by FERPA
    • Real estate and banking info regulated by CFPB

Contact us to upgrade to Virtru Data Protection Platform, or one of our HIPAA packages, or to discuss your specific encryption needs with an expert.

Regardless of whether you’re using Virtru for Personal Privacy or Virtru Data Protection Platform, your information is always safe with Virtru – no matter where it goes. For more information on how Virtru balances powerful client-side encryption with unbeatable ease of use, check out our free technical white paper.

And give Virtru a try today, for whatever your need for encryption might be.