Virtru in Lifehacker: “Setting it up is simple”

Alan Henry over at Lifehacker wrote a quick post pointing people at Virtru calling the service simple to setup. This was our aim from the beginning: making strong, client-side encryption easy-to-use. From the article:

“There are plenty of ways to encrypt your email, from one-click browser methods to full PGP encryption, but all of them can be tricky to set up and use. Virtru is an add-on that makes encryption automatic—every message you send and opt to be secure is encrypted before it leaves your computer. Setting it up is simple as well, and doesn’t require as many of the hoops as other tools do. The service also gives you a dashboard you can use to see if your messages have been forwarded to others or read by the intended recipient. You can revoke access to files or recall messages at any time.”

Read more over at Lifehacker.