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Netskope and Virtru Partner to Detect, Protect, and Control Data Wherever It’s Created, Stored, or Shared


We are excited to announce today that we are partnering with Netskope, the leader in cloud security, to deliver persistent data protection that enables enforcement and access control and facilitates secure collaboration across any environment or application.

According to Netskope’s Cloud Report, the average enterprise uses more than 1,000 cloud services, and users are increasingly accessing them from remote locations and mobile devices – whether or not they’re managed by IT. Traditional data protections don’t persist beyond sanctioned applications and network perimeters, which introduces significant risk and forces organizations to give up control once data is shared.

We believe no one should have to choose between securing data and sharing it, so we make it easy to do both. Based on the open standard Trusted Data Format (TDF) that we developed to secure more than 5,000 customers, Virtru’s data-centric protection integrates with Netskope’s adaptive access control policies so organizations can detect, classify, and protect data in all cloud applications and hybrid environments.

As information is shared within sanctioned applications or unsanctioned Shadow IT, we apply dynamic control policies that adapt to collaborative workflows. Netskope detects sensitive content and tags it with adaptive access control policies, which triggers Virtru to enforce those policies.

An Extensible Framework for Enforcing Access Controls, Wherever Data is Shared – Powered by the Open Standard Trusted Data Format (TDF)

As content is shared in the cloud, security teams can monitor and adapt user rights via a centralized interface throughout the content lifecycle, and easily modify or revoke access at any time. By controlling access to sensitive data by unauthorized users, applications, and cloud platforms, content can be kept private, even when it’s consumed by external applications or collaborators.

Netskope and Virtru help thousands of the world’s largest organizations detect, protect, and control data, wherever it’s created, stored, or shared, so they can collaborate with confidence. Contact us today to learn more.

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