Virtru at pii2014 Silicon Valley

Privacy for the Rest of Us: Virtru at pii2014 Silicon Valley

Virtru’s co-founder and CEO, John Ackerly, spoke to a full house during the 5th annual Privacy Identity Innovation conference, pii2014 Silicon Valley, today.   The conference focuses on the latest developments in areas like mobile, biometrics, the Internet of Things and big data.

John’s talk focused on the false tradeoff between email privacy and convenience. Virtru was also one of only eight startups invited to showcase its simple email privacy service as part of the Innovator Spotlight program.

Check out John’s slides: 

With a single plug-in, Virtru empowers individuals and businesses to control who receives, reviews, and retains their digital information — wherever it travels, throughout its lifespan.   And it works with your existing services so you no longer have to trade your email privacy for convenience.

Ready to try Virtru for yourself: Free download here.