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3 Virtru Pro Features You Might Not Know About (But Totally Should)

Getting the Most from Your Virtru Pro Features

Easy-to-use data security is our mission at Virtru, which is why we’re pleased to highlight some Virtru Pro capabilities that you might have never used.

1) Customized Introduction

By now, you’ve learned that sending secure email with Virtru is very easy, and that using Virtru makes it easy for your recipients to read, even if they don’t have Virtru installed. But did you know that you can make it even easier for your recipients?

Virtru comes with a standard introduction template that your recipients see when they open your secure emails. You can easily customize this template to make it more personalized and ensures that your recipients know it’s coming from you.

virtru intro template

To personalize your intro template, simply go to your Virtru Dashboard, and click on your Settings Menu. From here you can update your standard intro template.

virtru customizable intro template

See how easy this is for yourself in this short tutorial:

2) Forwarding Tree

Did you know that you can track where your Virtru messages have been forwarded and control access at each point in the sharing chain?

To use this feature, simply:

  • Go to your Virtru Dashboard.
  • From the ‘Emails’ tab, select one of your sent messages.
  • From here, you can see if your message has been forwarded and control access at each point along that chain.

You can remove access individually to anyone in the forwarding chain, or you can revoke and disable forwarding altogether. Check out this quick tour to see more:

3) Read Receipts

In addition to protecting your email with strong 256-bit client-side encryption, Virtru Pro offers you a menu of features that are not only available before you Send Secure but after, too.

The ability to revoke and alter message access can come in handy, but you may also want a way to determine if your recipients have already read your emails.

Virtru Pro now gives you that ability. You can view real-time indicators showing that your recipients, as well as any people they forward your messages to, have read your encrypted emails. You can view read receipts from Gmail or Outlook via the Virtru Dashboard.

virtru read receipt

Read more here, or watch a quick feature: