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Welcome to Virtru!

Today, Virtru publicly released its beta email privacy product.  We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves by explaining why we founded Virtru.

We founded Virtru to give individuals easy-to-use tools to exercise their right to privacy.

Virtru is about more than making content “disappear” – although you can certainly do that with Virtru, with real security. Virtru is about allowing people to choose with whom, where, and when all their digital content is shared – forever.

For years, we all have been sharing highly personal information completely unprotected – not because we don’t care about our privacy, but rather because there has been no practical alternative to the convenient but highly insecure services the vast majority of us use every day.

Until Virtru, keeping private communication private has been a burden, requiring either specialized skills on the part of both the sender and receiver, or working for a large corporation that spends big money on clunky enterprise solutions.

Our focus is on the individual. And, to make Virtru easy, we have spent the past year+ integrating Virtru security directly into the most popular email tools, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and MS Outlook, on both desktop and mobile.

Our goal is to create a world in which everyone can communicate online securely, authentically, and with confidence. But we can’t do it alone. Today and as our products evolve, we need your feedback and help spreading the word that we no longer have to give up privacy and choice every time we hit “send.”

Will and John Ackerly


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