Virtru in VentureBeat: “Security is Very Hard to Do Well”

Will’s quote from yesterday’s VentureBeat article by Richard Byrne Reilly:

For Will Ackerly over at Virtru, it’s a positive step that many are leaving the agency, with their knowledge and tech skills, and then entering the commercial sector to launch their own companies.

Many within the agency understand and care about ‘Net privacy and individual rights, he said. Those launching startups are in fact using these skills gleaned inside the NSA to create and build systems and platforms to thwart intrusion on their own communication channels in the real world, even possibly from the agency itself.

“It’s a good thing. A lot of the data breaches are putting a fine point that security is very hard to do well. Lot’s of people I know at NSA leaving to start their own companies have a specific expertise and want to help. There’s a huge benefit there,” Ackerly told VentureBeat.

“The biggest return on our investment is to get the best technology into the hands of people commercially to make sure the ‘Net is a good place for everyone.”

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