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Virtru Announces Zero-Trust External Key Management (EKM) Solution for Google Cloud Platform


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    For years, Virtru has been a trusted provider of data protection solutions across Google Workspace. We’re proud to announce the expansion of those capabilities even further with Zero Trust External Key Management for Google Cloud.

    Virtru’s External Key Management (EKM) solution for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) will enable complete Zero-Trust data protection across the Google ecosystem — including Google Cloud Platform, Google Workspace, and beyond.

    Organizations can sign up for early access to Virtru’s EKM solution and a complimentary 30-day proof of concept.

    About Virtru’s Google Cloud External Key Management (EKM) Solution

    Enterprises will soon be able to leverage Virtru to securely manage their encryption keys separately from their data, strengthening data privacy and sovereignty across Google Workspace, GCP, and other cloud applications. This Zero Trust approach to data protection can be used to safeguard data lakes, databases, and information that flows through Google’s cloud computing and AI capabilities.

    With Virtru’s key management solution in place, enterprises will have a single, global framework and policy language to protect all data across the Google Cloud ecosystem — whether generated by users, devices, or systems. Virtru is the only external key management provider whose data protection spans the entire Google portfolio.

    Zero-Trust Data Protection, Encryption, and Privacy for Google Cloud Platform

    “We’re excited that Virtru is an integration solution provider for EKM to help extend strong data security and privacy to Google’s global customers, across the entirety of Google Cloud,” said Virtru CEO, John Ackerly. “It’s never been safer for organizations to store and share data in the cloud while maintaining total control and privacy. One of the impediments to leveraging big-data cloud computing has always been lacking security. We’re proud to address this problem head on, providing a Zero Trust data standard that enables enterprise Google users to maximize the benefits of Google Cloud, extending data sovereignty from collaboration suites to cloud applications. Virtru is now the only Google partner bringing data security to the entire Google portfolio, including key regulations, supporting regulations like ITAR in the U.S. and Schrems II in the EU.”

    Virtru provides the most secure and robust data protection available for Google Workspace, and it is now leveraging this deep expertise to protect data across GCP. Virtru has been a longstanding Google partner for data protection and is one of a select few Google-recommended encryption key management partners. This new offering complements Virtru’s existing suite of Google Workspace data protection products, including Gmail; Google Drive; and Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. These solutions are built on Virtru’s open Trusted Data Format (TDF), a world-class encryption technology that is quickly becoming the gold standard for data protection in the private and public sectors, including the U.S. federal intelligence community.

    Why Choose Virtru EKM for Google Cloud?

    • With Virtru, enterprises can protect their global data and ensure unprecedented privacy across the Google Workspace and Google Cloud. Virtru offers:
    • A single global framework for enterprises to manage data across the Google ecosystem
    • Integration support for Google Cloud Platform’s Kubernetes Engine, Secret Engine, Compute Engine, BigQuery, Dataflow, Cloud SQL, and Pub/Sub
    • Zero-trust encryption key management that ensures no third party — not even Google or Virtru — has visibility into an enterprise’s data.
    • Only Virtru protects Google user and system data wherever it travels — across infrastructures, cloud networks, and ecosystems.
    • All data can be easily controlled by enterprise administrators and users at any time.
    • Implemented in conjunction with Google Cloud EKM, Virtru’s Data Protection Gateway automatically encrypts data as it flows into and out of enterprise applications like Salesforce, Zendesk, Looker, and more.

    View our Virtru EKM product page for more information about this new offering and sign up for early access to the program.

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