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Work with a Gaffe-factory? Install Virtru

We get it. The business of business is to make money, but just read this piece by Slate’s Deanna Fei “My Baby and AOL’s Bottom Line” and you’ll realize that AOL’s Chief Executive might need to work on his delivery. We’re going to give Tim Armstrong the benefit of the doubt: he can’t actually be making the argument that distressed babies steal retirement money from his loyal employees.

Or, maybe he did? I don’t know. It seems like the definition of “bad optics” and it also seems like a Public Relations department’s worst nightmare. There’s no upside in a statement like this, and Armstrong has since apologized. If I worked for AOL’s PR department I’d be scheduling a special one-on-one training session with the CEO to install Virtru and I’d be asking Virtru if there was any way to turn Virtru on as a default for all messages. If your CEO can say things like that on an earnings call there’s no telling what kind of bombshells he’s launching out of his email client.

Introduce Your Company’s Gaffe-factory to Virtru

We’ve all worked with people who seem to be constantly extracting their own foot from their own mouth. Finally there’s a technology to cure the common email gaffe – Virtru.  With Virtru you can revoke a previously sent message, you can disable forwarding, and you can add an expiration date to an email.

Now, Virtru hasn’t perfected our product to add a seven second delay to your CEO’s vocal chords, but if I worked at AOL, I’d probably suggest that the Board require the CEO to only send email with Virtru and give the PR department the keys. There’s no better way to contain your company’s email-writing, gaffe-factory than to make sure that every email they send is secured by Virtru so it’s ready to be recalled and apologized for. That’s good business.