CFPB Compliant Email for Real Estate

Secure sensitive emails and files from your existing platforms


Simple, Cost-Effective Email Encryption

Agents and other individuals who handle housing transactions must protect non-public information (NPI), like social security numbers and bank information, in order to maintain Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB) compliance.

By using client-side email encryption, real estate professionals ensure that customer data stays safe no matter where it travels. Virtru Pro integrates with the email services that title agents, lawyers, and homebuyers already use every day, like G Suite, Gmail, and Outlook, enabling them to share CFPB compliant communications without complicated software.

  • Protect Non-Public Information with one Click

    Encrypt sensitive real estate data within your existing email composition window.

  • Revoke Messages Instantly

    Ever wish you could take back an email that you already sent? Now you can.

  • Detect NPI with Rules

    Automatically identify and encrypt NPI, or simply warn users.

  • Watermark and Track PDFs

    Watermark PDFs with the recipient’s email address and monitor who shares your sensitive documents.

  • Govern Your Entire Agency

    A seamless dashboard experience let’s you track message flow, disable forwarding, and revoke messages for everyone in your agency.

"Virtru is incredibly simple, so users comply and data stays safe."

— Mark Steward, VP of Technology, Baird & Warner
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