Virtru Privacy Engineering Challenge


Submissions Due by September 30th, 2019



Prize Pool



JavaScript, C++ ,Python

Advancing Privacy Engineering for a Secure Future

Developers: Create the Most Innovative Privacy App and Win

We invite you to join the global movement for digital privacy by entering your best privacy-enabled application for the chance to win a cash prize. Show us how you can improve the privacy of existing applications or create something altogether new. 

The opportunities for embedded data protection with Virtru SDK’s are endless, no matter the project, platform, or data type. Protect the data collected by your latest IoT application, help your organization improve customer service while preserving their privacy, or improve productivity through Robotic Process Automation software without increasing data exposure. The use case is up to you!

The Challenge is open to individuals, teams of individuals, companies and their employees, and governmental agencies and their employees. Projects will be evaluated by a panel of security and privacy experts based on:

  1. Innovation - Novel and creative applications of the Trusted Data Format advancing the field of Privacy Engineering.
  2. Reach - Positive influence for creating efficiencies and unlocking value through data sharing, as measured by potential financial or resource savings.
  3. Societal Impact - Applications of TDF that help protect data for at-risk communities, such as human rights activists or journalists, or with broad reach to help make privacy and security accessible for underserved communities.

Visit the Virtru Developer Hub to explore how our SDKs can help you or your organization build a more secure future. 



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3rd Place Prize

In cash or a contribution to Code Nation or Girls Who Code.

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