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The Easy Way to Protect & Share Sensitive Information

Welcome, CyberWire listeners! We hope you enjoyed the episode What Is Data-Centric Security, and Why Should Anyone Care

If you’re like most CISOs, you’ve invested huge amounts of time and money implementing security controls to defend against external threats and protect sensitive data stored inside your organization.

But how do you protect sensitive data that is constantly being shared with others outside your organization?

Virtru makes it easy to protect data, everywhere it's shared. Our tools integrate with the apps you already use every day including email, files, and SaaS applications — so you don't have to change anything about your workflow.  

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Listen to the Episode

In case you missed it: Data-centric security takes the stage on CyberWire-X, featuring NIST's Bill Newhouse and Virtru's Dana Morris.

Protect Your Data and Share It, Too

Here are just a few of the ways we help organizations of all sizes protect sensitive data — without sacrificing the ability to share it.

See Why 8,000 Customers Trust Virtru 

From healthcare systems to K-12 schools, federal government to the world's largest financial institutions — Virtru's customers love using our data-centric security products. 

That's because Virtru gives you the advantage: 

  • Ease of use that creates a seamless and intuitive experience for your internal users and external recipients
  • Seamless integration with the apps your team uses every day 
  • Host your own encryption keys for optimal data sovereignty and Zero Trust protection
  • Custom branding options for a seamless and trusted client experience
  • Client- and server-side options for protecting data manually or automatically 
  • Attribute-based access control that equips you to make granular, data-level decisions about who should have access to data, for how long, and under what conditions 

CyberWire Listeners: Free 14-Day Trial for Virtru's Email Plugin

Over 8,000 customers trust Virtru for data-centric security, privacy, and compliance support.

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