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Data Protection for High-Velocity DevOps Teams

Developers shouldn’t have to be security experts to write secure code. Give them the tools they need to proactively protect their work, the business, and your customers.

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Add Data-Centric Protection to Your Developer Toolkit

While Application Security professionals remain focused on safeguarding data and staying compliant with changing regulations, developers are building new applications and data-sharing workflows at a record pace. Open source tools, containers, and low code platforms have accelerated the release process, making it tough for security practitioners to keep up. Developers need data simple protection tools that won’t disrupt their existing development processes. When end-to-end data encryption and access control features are readily available and easy to implement, true DevSecOps execution becomes a reality.

Empower your team to add object-level data protection to applications and workflows with ease. Virtru’s proven architecture and out-of-the-box applications prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data with end-to-end encryption, granular access controls, and customer-hosted keys.

Protect Data Across Any Environment


Prevent Data Exposure

Accelerate your organization’s move to the cloud with a layer of end-to-end encryption that protects your data while ensuring continuous compliance with changing regulations.


Unlock Data Access

Too many organizations lock down data access for fear of a breach. Give your team the confidence to collaborate internally and externally with the ability to audit data and revoke when necessary.


Innovate at Scale

Virtru eliminates the burden of creating and scaling key management infrastructure, so developers can focus on building the next great application.

Virtru’s Trusted Data Platform Empowers Healthcare Professionals to Effectively Respond to COVID-19

With solutions for contact tracing and critical resource response, Virtru’s technology gives data owners the ability to collaborate while maintaining control and protecting health institution and patient information. Learn More.


Put the Virtru Data Protection Platform to Work for You


Cloud Data Protection & Compliance

An increasing amount of data is stored in the cloud, aggregated into reports and funneled into custom applications. Cloud providers offer some native security features but they are simply not enough to protect regulated organizations from a damaging breach or human error. An additional layer of object-level encryption protects your data while ensuring continuous compliance with changing regulations.


Secure File Sharing

Access to the Virtru Platform to supplement your current file sharing solution and/or workflows with end-to-end data protection and continuous control and visibility. Protect and share sensitive data without size or file type constraints; in-transit and at rest.


Data Protection for Connected Devices

IoT sensors continuously stream large volumes of sensitive data from devices to cloud storage. This data must uphold privacy standards across the entire lifecycle, from collection to transmission to analysis—even when the device itself may be insecure. Attribute-based access controls (ABAC) enables granular control as well as revocation and expiration. Given the potential for IoT devices to be lost or stolen, access controls coupled with audit features protect data from abuse and compromise.

business-process automation

Business Process Automation

Automation can significantly reduce the human cost of compliance and the potential fines that inevitably occur through data handling errors. Secure your workflows to ensure that sensitive data shared within and outside the organization has the appropriate levels of encryption and policy controls. Since Virtru is platform-agnostic, our technology can be utilized with any RPA platform or application.

A Proven Platform for Object-Level Data Protection

trusted data format

Trusted Data Format (TDF)

Open data protection standard for object-level encryption that binds data to policies and metadata to ensure only authorized users can access private data.

Software Development Kit

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Embed Virtru’s data-centric protections into your custom applications to give customers, patients, and members ownership and control over the private data you collect, process, and store.

key management

Key Management

Integrate with existing key management processes and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). Host your own keys for complete control over who can access private data.

More than 7,000 customers trust Virtru for data security and privacy protection.

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