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Data Protection at the Intersection of Privacy and Security

Security and privacy professionals face a common set of challenges when it comes to managing growing
volumes of data across multi-cloud environments. Organizations can have upwards of hundreds of custom
applications and a variety of end-user devices, making it impossible to know who has access to what data,
when they access it or from where.

As a result, data is being locked down to prevent misuse, theft or noncompliance, stifling collaboration,
innovation and productivity. But, to effectively ensure data privacy and security, you need to control who can
access your data and when.

At Virtru, we believe that empowering organizations with greater control over their data can help unlock
its potential while preserving security and privacy. And as unauthorized data access increasingly has both
security and privacy ramifications, gaining greater control and visibility over data will only increase in
importance. This is why we stand at the intersection of security and privacy, committed to protecting data
throughout its lifecycle. Managing data at this intersection means protecting the data itself with persistent
controls and visibility, wherever it’s created or shared.

Virtru Data Protection for Email, Files and Enterprise Apps

Protect files and attachments wherever they are stored or shared, maintaining control and visibility.

Virtru Developer Hub

Embed platform-agnostic data protection into applications with just a few lines of code.

One-Stop Access to Data Protection

You shouldn’t have to choose between protecting data and sharing it across different environment and applications. Virtru provides data protection capabilities including encryption, key management and policy controls designed for seamless integration with existing IT architectures.

The Virtru Data Protection Platform enables IT and security teams and developers to quickly and efficiently integrate data protection and sharing solutions into existing products and applications. Our Data Protection Platform is built on the Trusted Data Format (TDF), an open standard for object- level encryption that travels with the data across platforms, applications and devices, and is trusted by more than 5,000 customers worldwide.

IT and security teams can leverage the Virtru Data Protection Platform through our applications for:

  • Email Encryption
  • Enterprise App Protection
  • Google Drive Protection

Developers can also access the Virtru Data Protection Platform through the Virtru Developer Hub to integrate
data protection capabilities and ensure the protection of sensitive data via a single portal – with no cryptographic
experience required. Now, developers can embed platform-agnostic data protection into custom applications or
connected devices in just a few lines of code.


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