Forrester Reprint: Use Advanced Encryption For Data Security

By Chase Cunningham with Stephanie Balaouras, Heidi Shey, Elsa Pikulik, Peggy Dostie

Forrester Reprint: Use Advanced Encryption for Data Security

What You’ll Learn:

  • Encrypting data mitigates breach severity.
  • Don’t buy technology; buy the solution.
  • Begin to explore the security risks and benefitsof quantum computing.
Published January 30, 2019. Licensed for distribution from Forrester Research.

More than ever, the security of your firm’s bottom line depends on the technologies that secure your data — the fundamental currency of digital businesses. Most security and risk (S&R) leaders can’t be completely risk averse; they must instead secure their data with the right tools for the right circumstances. Today, that means strategically deploying data-encrypting solutions.

This report details which encryption solutions are available to secure data in its various states and looks at the viability of emerging encryption technologies.