CJIS Compliance in the Cloud

Uncovering a Solution for Email, Document, and Video Sharing

What’s Your Plan for Achieving Compliance in the Cloud?

For states, counties, and agencies that must protect exchanges between dozens of CJI storage systems, scalable secure data transport becomes exponentially more difficult to achieve. To combat the increased hardware, storage, and maintenance costs that highly customized email require, more and more organizations are relying on private third party vendors to move their CJIS communications to the cloud.

Download this guide and you’ll uncover new methods for implementing data-centric email and file encryption that are both simple and reliable.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The most common challenges for achieving CJIS compliance in the cloud
  • The security benefits of data-centric encryption
  • How organizations like the State of Maryland are achieving compliance right now
  • A practical checklist for determining your encryption requirements

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